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“Ek wil net graag julle komplimenteer op die Tea Tree Anti - Lice kit. Dit is die beste produk wat ek nog ooit gebruik het, en met soveel gemoedsrus,omdat die produk so natuurlik is, voel ek 100% gerus om dit vir my kinders te gebruik! Ek beveel dit vir alle moeders aan! Veels geluk op 'n fantastiese produk.” - Lizelle Haasbroek (Reitzer website)

“I battled for months on end, nearly a year in fact, to get rid of lice in my daughter's hair. She was being sent home from school at least once a month. I even went so far as cutting her beautiful long blonde hair. And even that didn't work! Then I tried Treet-It. Man, this stuff really works! I haven't had a problem again since. It's fantastic!!!" - Tracy Bandey McKay (Facebook)

“Good day I would just like to say that I really love the product. My little ones had lice and I struggled a lot with everything until I tried your product it is save and it works thank you.” - Gerda Hansen (Reitzer website)

Treet-It Anti-Lice Kit

Many lice treatment products contain potentially harmful insecticides which, if over-used, can cause lice to become resistant to them.  Furthermore, the long term toxicity of these ingredients is coming into question, particularly with their over-use.  A natural and highly effective alternative treatment method is to use pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil.

Follow the Treet-It Anti-Lice regimen and ensure a safe natural alternative:

1. First apply Treet-It Anti-Lice Gel-Cream to the scalp, then comb out using a fine tooth nit comb (follow exact directions on bottle).

2. Wash out with Treet-It Shampoo.

3. Then spray on the Treet-It Anti-Lice Maintenance Spray, continuing with the spray for 5 – 7 days after the gel-cream treatment has been completed (follow exact directions on bottle).

Now, we have made even easier to treat lice with a complete kit containing both of the products needed, as well as a FREE shampoo and a FREE nit comb.



1 x 200ml Treet-It Anti-Lice Gel-Cream

1 x 200ml Treet-It Anti-Lice Maintenance Spray

1 x 200ml Treet-It Shampoo (Free!)

1 x Treet-It Anti-Lice Nit Comb (Free!)

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