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Treet-It Anti-Lice Exterminator Comb

The Treet-It Lice and Nit Exterminator Comb offers the following Benefits: 

1. Micro-Grooved Teeth allows for even better removal of Lice and Nits. 

2. Stainless Steel Teeth will not rust over time 

3. Suitable for use on all Hair Types 


For the successful removal of head lice and nits, the Treet-It® Lice and Nit
Exterminator Comb must be used in conjunction with Treet-It® Anti-Lice Gel-Cream
(As per instructions on the label of the Gel-Cream), Treet-It® Therapeutic Shampoo
and Treet-It® Anti-Lice Maintenance Spray. These products are available in the
Treet-It® Anti-Lice Kit. All Treet-It® Tea Tree Oil Products contain.
MAX Germ Blocker, is derived from the natural plant Melaleuca Alternifolia, also
known as Tea Tree Oil, and has very strong Germ, Lice and Nit destroying properties.
The main active constituent is 4-Terpineol. Only high-quality Tea Tree Oil has a high
percentage of this ingredient.

Handy Tips:
Remember a complete comb through can take anything between 1 to 3 hours,
depending on the length and thickness of the hair.
Spray the Treet-It® Anti-Lice Maintenance Spray onto the hair every morning to help
prevent re-infestation.

Pack Size: 1 x unit

1 x Unique Comb with Stainless Steel, Midro-Grooved Teeth

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