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"Hi Salex, I used the Salex Metered Spray for myself and my nine year old son and the drops for my one year old we all have hayfever/ blocked noses and i am chronic asthmatic and my sons are prone to bronchitis, allergies on top of hay fever - i generally purchased at clicks as well as at litekem pharmacies and willowmead - i am very satified with the product" - Shameemah Salie (Facebook)

"We as family (dad, mom, toddler girl and baby girl) all suffer from hay fever and blocked noses. Each have their metered spray bought from Dischem that we use. Very happy with it and baby even tries to spray her own nose." - Ilse-Marì Bosch (Facebook)

Salex Metered Saline Spray

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Salex Metered Saline Spray is an extension to our already successful range of Salex products. It has the same formulation as Salex Saline DropSpray, 0.72% saline solution making it isotonic to the nasal mucosa.


The very basis of using saline is that dried up nasal mucosa prevents the nose from working properly. Moist nasal mucosa’s are the body’s own way of keeping allergens, bacteria, etc. from infecting the body. Everyday nasal hygiene is the start of good health!

Salex Metered keeps the nasal mucosa moisturised and therefore working effectively. 

The formula is isotonic so it will not burn or irritate the sensitive inside of the nose. Although Salex Metered is recommended for sinus sufferers, it is also very suitable for people living or working in dry conditions, caused by air-conditioning, air travel and living in dry climates.


Salex Metered is non-addictive and has been approved by Drug Free Sport SA for safe use by sports men and women. Suitable for everyday treatment of the common colds, rhinitis and hay fever, as well as for the treatment of chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma.


Salex Metered Saline Spray is safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Salex Metered Saline Spray is safe for use on all ages, from young infants to adults.


Pack Size: 30ml

0.72% Saline solution

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