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Reitzer's Anti-Mozzie Wrist Band

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Reitzer’s Anti-Mozzie Wrist Bands are plastic wrist or ankle bands impregnated with citronella and lemon grass oils - the fragrance of these oils are released by the body heat. It is Non-Toxic, Easy to Use, Does not Stain and Safe for use by the whole family, even babies.

• Just put the band on wrist or hang close by
• Not affected by perspiration or water
• Repels mosquitoes and other bugs
For Best Results: When not in use keep bands in plasitc bag provided or wrap with plastic or cling film plastic and store in a cool, dry place. If possible store in fridge.

Depending on ambient prevailing temperature band will continue to give off aroma for three to five days, once taken out of the plastic bag.

Reitzer’s Anti-Mozzie Range is as natural and safe as possible. Contains no potentially harmful pesticides such as DEET or permethrin. The active ingredients are Citronella and Lemon Grass Oils, offering 70% protection. No mosquito repellant gives 100% protection. Use mosquito nets and protective clothing for added protection.

Pack Size: 2 bands

2 x Bands infused with Citronella and Lemon Grass Oils with added Pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil. 

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